In short, our Payment module means that:

All Payments will be now structured in a new section

You will find the Payments section in your Dashboard, under Expenses.

Your old payments will still be there, but they will be arranged within the new section. 

Multi invoice payments can now be added

multi invoice payments

If you receive a sum from a client that needs to be spread across invoices, you will now be able to add payments to multiple unpaid invoices at once.

Payments report

You will download a report on both the payments you received and the ones you made, in the already known excel format. 

Follow your payments in one single screen

The new dedicated section lets you follow the trail of your money. What payments were received against which invoices and what you paid for which bills. 

Receive overpayment and store the value as credit

Sometimes your clients pay you more than the value of their current invoices, so how do you record the remaining amount of money? Now you can store that amount as credit in Sleek Bill Online. This means that you'll be able to use it, later on, to add payments to new invoices. 

Generate and send Receipts


We saved the most sought-after feature for last, but not least, issuing Receipts to your clients when you receive a payment from them.