You might have already added a client to your invoice, so the next thing is to add the item or items that you are invoicing for.

PS: Do you already have an excel file with your goods/services list and would like to upload it directly? Go here to check out how to do this Import my list

You can add in an invoice products, services or both.

Click in the search box where it says “Select Item”.

Click on +Add New Item.

Select the type of your item: Product or Service and enter the details related to your item such as: item name, description, quantity(your stock), HSN or SAC, unit of measurement, tax(so you don't have to choose the tax rate each time) and unit price.

Click Save.

Congratulations, now you have added an item to be invoiced!

Once you have done that, select how many units you are selling to your client or what discount you are offering them (if any).

Click on +Add line and repeat for all the products/services you want to bill your client for.

Add invoice details