You can now add payments made and payments received in Sleek Bill. You can add a bulk payment that you can spread on multiple invoices and you can add advance payments. 

To add a payment to an invoice you can either go to Invoices, select the one that interests you and click on Add Payment, or you can go from your Dashboard to the Payments module. From there, you can click on New and select Payment Received. 

Once there, you will get a window that lets you add a payment. 

First,  you will need to select the client who made the payment. Then, a list of the unpaid or partially paid invoices you made for him will appear. 

At the top, you should add the amount that you received from the client and other details such as payment date, a method of payment or any bank charges on the payment. 

Now, you will see that Sleek Bill automatically spreads the amount among the first unpaid invoices. If that is correct, you can just go on and click on Save and View Receipt. If not, adjust the amounts accordingly for each invoice and then click on Save and View Receipt. 

You can save your receipt as a PDF file, you can print it or send it via email straight from Sleek Bill.

NOTE: A few things to remember:

  • You can add advance payments - just select the date of your payment.
  • You can add partial payments - you do not need to add the full amount for an invoice, you can add the amount you wish. 
  • If a client overpaid you, and after you add payments to your invoices you still have money left from the initial amount, don't worry, this will be saved as Credit, that can be later used for other invoices. 
  • ! You cannot add a payment value to an invoice that is larger than the value you entered in Amount. You will get a message that you cannot add it, please check that your Amount is greater than the Payment value you added for an invoice. 

In your Dashboard go to Invoices - click on the invoice which was paid by your customer - at the top, click on the orange button that says "$Payments" and record your payment. You can add total payments or partial ones.


How to delete a payment from an invoice? 

Go to invoices and select the invoice that interests you. At the top click on Payments. Select the payment that you wish to delete. When your receipt opens, click on More, then select Delete. 

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