In GST, purchase orders can be either local or interstate. Which means a local purchase order will have CGST and SGST on it and an interstate one will have IGST on it.

To create a purchase order follow these steps:

1. In your Dashboard, go to Purchase Orders and click on the green button that says "+New"

Create Purchase Order

2. In the newly opened window, select a Vendor from the drop down list or add a new one. Make sure to also add details such as issue date, valid date (valid until).

3. Add the items that you wish to order from your vendor. Make sure to enter details such as tax rate, HSN no., quantity, price, tax rate. Click on "Add line" for each item, to make sure they will appear on your PO.

4. After you have added all the items you wish to order from your vendor, add terms and conditions and other important details you wish your vendor to see on the purchase order.


5. Click on Preview & Save and voila, your PO is ready to be sent.

Purchase order in Sleek Bill