A purchase of goods from a vendor using cash or credit can be recorded in Sleek Bill by using the Bills feature (what are bills is explained here) .

How does it work?

Let's say you need to buy goods from a vendor, so you go to Sleek Bill and you create a Purchase Order to buy some goods. (click here to learn how to create a Purchase Order in Sleek Bill)

When the vendor sends you an invoice and you receive the ordered goods, you need to make a record of this purchase in Sleek Bill and update your stock values. You can register your bills and update your stock automatically in Sleek Bill by creating a bill. To create a bill follow these steps:

1. In your Dashboard, go to Bills

2. Click on the green button at the top right corner that says +New

3. Select or add the vendor who sold you the goods, enter the purchase bill's details such as date and number.

4. Add the items you have purchased in your bill with their respective price, tax rate, quantity and any other details you need.

5. Click on "Preview & Save" and you're done.

Once you've done all of this, you will have a record of your purchase and your stock will get updated for the items in your bills with the respective quantities.