1.What is this?

This an encrypted link that has been sent to you by a business that provides you services. It contains financial documents such as invoices or quotes. You can download these documents and directly email your provider with any comments or amendments that you might have.

2.Is it safe to have my details here?
All data is safely stored, only you and your provider are able to access it. We respect your privacy and don’t share this data with any 3rd parties.

3.Can I send invoices this way?

Yes, this is a perfectly safe way to send your invoices. Our servers are secure and spam tested every week. We recommend you send invoices this way because usual email with attachments may be blocked or sent to spam and your client might not see them. Sending it like this means the client can see an invoice on their phone and pay it directly. You'll also be notified faster when your clients sees or pays the invoice (feature to come soon!).

4.What measures can I take to make sure my data is safe?

Access this link only from a secure/private connection, using your own device.
Do not share this link with others.

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