Get started with Sleek Bill Online

When you login your Dashboard appears.

Let’s take a peek at how this looks:


So, to get a few things straight, these are the main areas of Sleek Bill Online:

Dashboard - You could describe it as a ‘home page’ where you can view your company’s sales, how much money you invoiced and how much you got paid or how many documents you’ve made so far.


  • Features - On the left hand side of the screen you have a menu that allows you to switch between different sections of the app. You can add clients and products, make any type of invoice that you want, raise a quote or make a delivery note.
  • Settings - You can change your company details any time you need to, change your documents labels, or add any taxes that you use on a regular basis.

New Button - Use it as a shortcut to instantly create new invoices, quotes, delivery notes or add products, clients and new taxes.

User - Click here to change your profile settings (user name, company name, password) or log out.

Settings Gear Icon - Quick access to your settings.